3-D Archery At Johnny B’s

Come Visit—Fun for the Day or Stay for the Season

At Johnny B’s 3D International Bowhunter Organization (IBO) Archery Range, you’ll have the chance to practice on a course that adds depth and realism to the archery experience.

Situated on the campground’s 200-acre property, the range consists of 20 different 3D target setups dispersed throughout rugged terrain. Shooting at these lifelike 3D targets provides a more dynamic and engaging practice environment compared to traditional flat targets, allowing archers to better simulate real-world hunting scenarios. This prepares you not only for IBO competitions but also for actual hunting situations, helping to improve your aim, judgement of distances, and shot placement.

Following International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) rules and regulations, the range is well-suited for archers keen on adhering to established standards. The added benefit of the range’s natural, expansive setting is that it offers archers the chance to integrate their sport with the beauty and challenges of the great outdoors.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced archer, Johnny B’s provides an enriching environment to elevate your archery skills.

The course is open every day of the year except during tournaments.


  • Course Fee: $20
  • Tournament Entry: $10 (when applicable)
  • Special Course Challenges: Additional fees may apply


    • Adhere to IBO (International Bowhunting Organization) rules.
    • Range finders are not allowed.
    • One shot per target.
    • A designated scorekeeper will record group scores.
    • Please adhere to the General Facility Rules for Johnny B’s Campground for an enjoyable experience.

    General Facility Rules for Johnny B’s Campground

    1. Hours of Operation: Activities and amenities may have specific operational hours. Please adhere to posted times.
    2. Respect for Others: Always respect other guests and their belongings.
    3. Environmentally Friendly Practices: Petroleum-based products and Styrofoam are prohibited in the campground’s natural areas.
    4. Trash Disposal: Dispose of all trash in the bins provided.
    5. Parking: Utilize designated parking areas only.
    6. Speed Limit: The speed limit for all vehicles within the campground is 15 MPH.
    7. Supervision of Minors: Children must be supervised at all times.

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